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Creating beautiful kitchens is not a challenge; creating beautiful kitchens that are perfectly practical is. That’s exactly what we do for our clients and for their customers.

The average kitchen has a lot to contend with. It is exposed to moisture, heat and intensive daily use. Well finished unit fronts can significantly extend the service life of the kitchen. Now, using laser technology, it is possible to achieve a more beautiful finish and enhanced than ever before. Thanks to precision of laser technology, no adhesive seam is visible after bonding. This means that the unit fronts look sleeker and the edges are easy to clean.

Keller Kitchens offers the innovative grid kitchens. The standard grid 130 cabinets have a expanded cabinet space, a lower plinth height and an optimized working height.

All lacquered models are available in 1950 different NCS colours. It is possible to finish the whole kitchen or just a detail in these colours. Keller offers them in 3 different finishes: silk gloss, high gloss and structured lacquer.

Customizing a kitchen also means: fitting the budget. Together with the expertise of the skilled professionals in the showroom, the very wide range of materials and equipment ensures that Keller has a solution in every pricing segment. A comfortable thought for those who are looking for a balance between price and perfection.

Keller offers a 5-year warranty on all kitchen furniture. This underlines the quality of our products. Should the quality or finish not meet the standard we will replace it free of charge.

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