What type of handleless Kitchen should you have?

As a kitchen designer, one of the most popular requests I get from clients is for a handleless kitchen.

If you’re keen to do away with handles in order to achieve a very clean, sleek look, then a handle less kitchen is probably for you, although there things to consider in order to choose the correct style for you.

There are three main ways to achieve a handleless kitchen. Those are…

Moulded finger pull

This is where a channel is routed out of the door / drawer front, creating a small lip that acts as a handle.


This would be the most cost effective option


One disadvantage is that the channel that acts as the handle is quite shallow. This would mean that anybody with larger fingers are long nails could find it quite troublesome to open.

This style of door normally tends to be in a gloss finish. If you want a matt finish, this is not possible most of the time.

True Handleless

A true handleless kitchen has a rail which is routed into the cabinet itself, creating a handle. The handle rail can be finished in a brushed stainless steel or coloured to suit your kitchen.


The main advantage is that this handle is far easier to use. This option also gives a far more expansive range of door finishes, Matt for example.

The life span with this type of handle is also considerably longer due to the fact that you don’t really touch the handleless rail.


This would be a more expensive option due to the extra process of routing the cabinets and the finishing rail.

Tip-On (Push click opening)

This method is where you would push the push to open it. This can also be done using an "electric push to open" version.


Very sleek finish with no finger pulls on view.


This option can work out quite expensive and the electric version can be knocked and opened by mistake.


My preferred option is the true handleless. Although it is more expensive than the finger pull option, it is more cost effective than the electric tip on version and without the potential for mechanisms to fail. This option also gives you the maximum amount of choice. For example, when choosing from our Keller range, there are 1950 colours to choose from, all available with true handleless doors.

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