Why pay to have a specialist kitchen company fit your new kitchen?

True costs can sometimes look very expensive when you compare it to the builder that says he can “ chuck that in for you in a couple of days “ or your friend “ fitted his own kitchen and is obviously now a dab hand at it and he will do it for you “ a lot cheaper “. There is a reason it will be cheaper in the first instance but you can bet your bottom dollar that price will rise once it starts to become tough.

A specialist company such as Bella Kitchens, based in Poundbury, Dorchester, are just that, a specialist. We wouldn’t send a kitchen fitter to build a wall, so why send a builder to install a kitchen. Many things such as levelling and fixing units I am sure he could do, but does router his worktops or use joining strips? Does he know how to set up and install integrated appliances? Would he consider the positioning of electrical sockets and outlets to service your kitchen? Would he know where he can run pipework and where he can’t? The best option would be to come to one company who are specialists. These companies can undertake all aspects of the project such as carpentry, electrics, gas, plumbing, tiling and decoration, instead of you having to trawl around looking for these trades. This normally works out most cost effective than sourcing an installer and then an electrician and then a plumber etc not to mention getting them all in the same place at the same time.

Finally, the biggest advantage is your project will then be managed from start to completion by specialist removing any stress that could potentially occur. In summary, use a specialist. It will work out a lot more cost effective and hassle free with a stunning result at the end.

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